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Going above and beyond basic healthcare!

Innumerable studies have shown that elders who are mentally stimulated and socially active stay physically healthy for longer. Holistic wellness is a cornerstone of what we stand for at ElderAid. We believe that a happy elder is an elder who is not just healthy but one who also has their social, emotional, and mental needs looked after. Whether it is playing board games, listening to music, or simply chatting over a cup of tea, we make sure our elders are cared for beyond just physical health! Our wellness wing truly helps elders live their life fully!

  • Engagement
  • Engagement

    Our Care Managers have been carefully selected based on their genuine desire to spend time with elders! Rest assured that they will chat and spend time with your elder. We also support specific conditions such as Dementia which benefit from focused engagement in terms of playing board games with the elder, and so on.

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